The Bards Guild is devoted to teaching and learning, entertaining and performing.

They are makers of song and music, keepers of history and lore, storytellers and storywriters, cartographers, artists and scribes, linguists and cryptographers, dancers and performers, newsmongers and gossips and, sometimes (sometimes very often), very useful people to know.

The Bards are pleased to present
King TwiggSpitter's Inaugural Bards Guild Monarch's Banquet

A one night social event, January 7th 2017

This library relies on donations of all things bardic - be it reports, scholarly works, songs, poems or things that just seem right, please send them here. Please also use this address if you notice any broken links, misinformation and so on. The Librarian likes to be able to fix these things!

You can contact the guild leaders and submit articles for the Testaments here.

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Updated 07/09/15
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